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The Shelf

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Join the Renaissance

Meet the Hosts.

Meet The Hosts

The Shelf is a Podcast featuring Patsy and Lydia, we're 2 women

who will, in the company of our tribe, discuss, luminate the good and dissect the absolutely shocking!

Having a laugh, reflecting on real life and doing it our way... but always keepin' it real.


The Shelf came about when Patsy and I wanted to do something where we could be our authentic selves by mixing 3 of our very favourite things: 

  • Catching jokes

  • Drinking

  • Spending time with the sisters


Meet the Hosts on The Shelf


The Shelf Logo.jpg

A 'Glass half-full' type of person... an impetus individual passionate 

(some may say obsessively so)

about investing in myself as much as investing in others.

As a mother of two young adults, a care giver and the best host for all our family gatherings. Everyone always wants to come to my house...


The Shelf Logo.jpg

Normal just doesn't cut it for Lyd, there has to be more and I'll

always add my own je ne sais quoi when necessary

Partner to a beautiful soul and mum to 7 children - swear down & say no more...

a reluctant fitness goer, surviving and trying to thrive not die!

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